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Built on over 65 years of quality & experience. Action offers the installation and dismantle of frame scaffolding, system scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, steel shoring, mast climbers, hoists and many accessories.

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Scaffold Tower
Towers with multiple levels of plank that are stationary, or rolling, are our most typical type of scaffolding we supply. These towers are designed following OSHA safety standards including an accessible swing gate, ladder access and toe-board (if applicable). This application is useful for both interior and exterior uses.
Stair Tower
Scaffolding towers include a combination of stair access, handrail and / or various turnarounds and exit landings. Action designs, supplies and installs stair towers with our frame and brace scaffolding or our system scaffolding to safely fit your custom access needs.
Elevated Platform
Action will provide a safe and secure elevated work platform area in the form of a custom sized deck. These decks can range from light duty work decks to heavy duty decks. Access options range from ladder access to a stair access. All our deck designs will meet or exceed current OSHA standards.
Frame and Brace Scaffolds
Commonly referred to as box frames, Action frame and brace scaffolding is an industry standard for mostly straight facing scaffolding. We stock standard 5’ wide frames, 27-1/2” wide narrow frames and 3’ wide narrow and walk-through frame options. These frame options vary in heights of 2’ up to 6’-7”.
Pedestrian Walkway
Action will design and install covered walkways that provide overhead protection to workers and pedestrians from potential overhead hazards. These walkways can be designed for light duty up to heavy duty protection requirements. Waco can also provide engineering services for walkways with specific load rating requirements.
Trash Chute
Action will provide design and installation of trash debris chutes. These chutes can accommodate light duty debris disposal and heavy-duty debris disposal as well. Our trash chutes are a preferred method of disposal for roofers and general contractors to safely manage their waste disposal at elevation.
System Scaffold
Like a tube and clamp scaffold, this system allows for providing elevated working platforms around irregular shaped structures like large storage tanks or industrial applications.
Mast Climber Systems
Hanging Scaffold
Transport Platform
Swing Stage
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