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Action Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Entry / Attendant
Confined Space Entry Supervisor



Course Title                                                            Class Duration       


Confined Space Entry / Attendant                          4 Hours                      


In this confined space training, students learn to fulfill their assigned responsibilities as Confined Space Entrant and Attendants during permit space entries. The focus is on complying with all the provisions of their location's confined space entry policies and procedures. Course materials and the training program are designed to meet the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146, 1926.1207, and all state-specific variances.

  1. Confined Space Identification

  2. Hazard Evaluation

  3. Roles and Responsibilities

  4. Entry Permits and Hot Work Permits

  5. Atmospheric Hazards (Characteristics of Gases and Air Monitoring)

  6. Equipment (Ventilation Techniques, Tripods and Winches)

  7. Entry Procedures



Confined Space Entry Supervisor                           2 Hours                 

(Entry Attendant Course is a pre-requisite for this course)

The objective of this confined space training is to train workers to fulfill their responsibilities as Entry Supervisors. Students who take this class must have previously completed Confined Space Entrant and Attendant training. Entry Supervisors are required to ensure that the permit space is safe to enter and acceptable entry conditions are maintained during entry. They are also responsible for making sure the permit is completed and reviewed with the entrants and attendant. The curriculum is designed to meet OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.146, 1926.1207, and all state-specific variances.

  1. Entry Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

  2. Permitting Process (Acquiring and Inspecting)

  3. Making Safe Entries (Before Opening, Opening, Entry)

  4. Other Issues (Transfer Authority, Termination, Emergency, Contractors)

  5. Case Study   

Students completing this course must pass a comprehensive exam and this training does not have an expiration date but it is highly recommended that the training be refreshed every three years.


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