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The Professional Edge in Scaffolding

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AZ ruins scaffolding by Action

Effective project completion requires the use of appropriate tools, equipment, and competent person(s). From construction sites to residential renovations, having access to reliable and top-quality equipment and labor is crucial for a successful, safe, and productive outcome.

One versatile piece of equipment that finds its way into a wide range of projects is scaffolding. These temporary structures are used to provide support and accessibility for tradespeople in sometimes hard-to-reach or hazardous areas or during complex tasks.

While some contractors may own their scaffolding, many commercial projects opt for focused scaffold installation and rental services for their medium to large jobs to gain piece of mind, save money, and avoid the hassle of working with companies that may not have the best interest of the entire jobsite in mind. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of projects that can greatly benefit from professional, dedicated scaffold rental and installation services – whether it's a light duty job or a large commercial undertaking.

Let's dive in!

Introduction to Scaffolding and Its Uses

Scaffolding is not just a tool for the towering skyscraper constructions we often associate it with; it is also integral to a myriad of other projects. Essentially, scaffolding is a temporary framework built to support materials and workers during the construction, maintenance, or repair of buildings and other structures. Scaffolding can also include very specialized uses such as shoring, suspended or mobile platforms.  

This invaluable tool enables safe and efficient access to work areas that would otherwise be out of reach, offering a sturdy platform for workers to perform their tasks at elevated heights.

Professional scaffold companies, therefore, cater to a broad spectrum of needs—from major commercial projects to smaller light duty access. Whether it is painting the exterior of a residence, repairing a historic facade, new construction stair towers, or even shoring up a concert poor, scaffolding provides a critical means of achieving project goals safely and effectively.

The Importance of Safety When Using Scaffolding

Safety is the top priority when working with Action Equipment and Scaffold or any of our adjacent companies. Adhering to and going above and beyond industry safety standards and regulations is essential to our strong safety track record over the past +70 years.

action safety

Regular inspections, proper installation, and ensuring that our workers are trained in scaffold safety procedures are competent person training ensures a safe work environment, not only for our staff, but the other tradespeople who rely on the access we provide. It's also vital to use scaffolding that is right for the specific task and environmental conditions, such as weather and ground stability.

Why opt for Professional Scaffold Installation

Choosing a dedicated, professional scaffold company over purchasing your own, or relying on a sub-contractor that does not focus on scaffolding, is crucial especially in terms of safety. Action Equipment and Scaffold provides the latest equipment that is regularly inspected, tested, and replaced when unusable.

We have the expertise to provide the right type of scaffolding for a specific project. Discover top-notch scaffold sales with our expert services. Benefit from the best installation, dismantling, and minimize accident risks associated with improper set-up. Furthermore, utilizing a professional scaffolding company eliminates the need for storage and maintenance, and ensures that companies do not have to invest in rapidly depreciating assets or worry about equipment obsolescence.

Types of Projects Requiring Scaffolding:


Commercial construction sites are perhaps the most common setting where scaffolding is essential. For new building projects, scaffolding provides a multi-level platform that allows workers to construct each section of the building incrementally. It is crucial for both the exterior and interior work, being used for everything from masonry and applying stucco to the exterior walls to painting and installing systems within. Scaffolding in construction doesn't just facilitate the work; it also enhances worker safety by providing secure and stable work platforms.

MDM scaffold




Over time, all buildings require maintenance to preserve their structure and aesthetics. Scaffolding is used to perform routine upkeep like cleaning gutters, fixing roofing tiles, or replacing windows. Large public buildings, such as schools, churches, and libraries, also benefit from scaffolding when undergoing cleaning or reparative work on their exteriors, ensuring that these tasks can be performed safely and thoroughly.

action scaffold water tower

PROJECT: Exterior Water Tower Exterior

Industrial Settings

In industrial environments, scaffolding is invaluable for tasks such as the installation and maintenance of heavy machinery, structural repairs, and the cleaning of high surfaces. Its adaptability ensures it can be configured to suit a range of industrial applications, often within complex and challenging environments that require bespoke access solutions.

action scaffold industrial site


PROJECT: Industrial Site Maintenance

Special Event Scaffolding

Scaffolding also plays a significant role in the entertainment industry. Concerts, festivals, and cultural events often use scaffolding to create stages, lighting rigs, and seating structures. Opt for hassle-free event setups with scaffolding rental. Swift assembly and disassembly make it perfect for temporary events, ensuring a quick turnaround without compromising safety or convenience.

special event scaffolding by Action

Splash AZ

PROJECT: Elevated Platform

Selecting the Appropriate Scaffolding for Project Demands

When considering scaffolding for various projects, it's crucial to select the correct type to meet specific needs. The choice of scaffolding can have a profound impact on the efficiency, safety, and economic aspects of a job.

Different types of scaffolding—be it supported platforms, suspended scaffolding, or adjustable systems—are designed for particular tasks and carry their own advantages and limitations. It is not simply a matter of availability or cost, but of matching the type of scaffolding to the job's unique requirements such as height, capacity, and adaptability to the project site.

For example, swing-stages may be ideal for window washing on high-rises while supported scaffolding might be better suited for masons or facade renovation tasks. Effective collaboration with a professional, knowledgeable scaffold company can guide decision-makers in selecting the most appropriate and safe scaffolding, ensuring that project goals are met efficiently without compromising worker safety.


In summation, scaffolding is an extraordinary tool that extends its utility across various projects, playing a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and safety in operations. Professional scaffolding companies, in particular, offer a flexible, cost-effective solution for a multitude of tasks in construction, renovation, maintenance, industrial as well as special events.

By partnering with Action Equipment and Scaffold Company, project managers can leverage the advantages of having the right type of scaffolding that is properly maintained and appropriate for their specific project needs.

Whether one is shaping city skylines or setting the stage for cultural festivities, the choice to work with a professional scaffolding company will elevate a project's potential to new heights.

About Us

Safety is paramount at any construction site, and if you are looking for a trustworthy organization to take care of your scaffolding and training needs, there is no better option than Action Equipment and Scaffold Company.

With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we are the best at what we do in terms of quality, credibility, and skills.

Discover top-quality scaffolding sales in Phoenix! We offer frame, system, suspended scaffolding, steel shoring, and more, ensuring safe erection and dismantling services.

We also provide SAIA-accredited Competent Person training for supported and suspended scaffolds. Other certified training includes confined space and fall protection, OSHA outreach training (construction), and MSHA part 48 training. You can reach us at 1-800-252-3417 or fill out our contact form to know more.


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